The Switch

Women's Conference:  Ignite the fire within you!

WCEM Ignite 2019 is a 4-day conference celebrating women and their evolution of change as they continue to grow and mature in their faith and lives. This experienced-packed event features daily international speakers, live music and performances, and interpersonal engagements. The approach needed to be concise, engaging, and captivate the audience, communicating a message of change and shifting of mindset. This would not be the ‘normal’ conference experience of years prior.

The Objective

Create a compelling conference brand-identity with associated collateral to clearly communicate the ‘feel’ and intent of the annual conference theme.


I was successful in helping WCEM focus their brand and marketing strategy for the conference and engagement with their audience. Together, we were able to position the conference with seamless touch-points and collateral, and usher in an alternative experience.


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