Kingdom Builders Christian Center

Building a ‘new kingdom’ in a familiar land.

Kingdom Builders Christian Center, Inc. (KBCC) believes in the power of community, and using spiritual gifts to move community forward with grace and authenticity. KBCC is a place where people can experience a life of excitement, adventure, and advantage, as they journey from average to awesome.


In Lakeland, Florida, lays a community rich in history, rooted in tradition, and not so susceptible to changes – especially surrounding their faith. With a new church emerging in the area who’s values are to build, expand, and evolve with the times, KBCC sought to  make a significant introduction into the community with a fresh and vibrant brand.  Hearts and minds were at the center-focus of the project, ensuring the engagement would foster both optimism and trust.



Focis used a detailed approach with discovery, strategy, and research to determine the best direction to take with the KBCC brand and persona.  We chose to use orange and blue hues to communicate trust and stability, and orange to suggest optimism, social engagement, and a bit of excitement.  Focis used style scapes to gather additional buy-in from stake-holders and influencers within the organization to adequately ‘paint’ a clear picture and take the guesswork out of the process as much as possible. The outcome was successful and implemented with precision, fostering the trust and assurance which is depicted in the brand identity.

Touchpoints & Collateral

With the time spent in discovery and strategy, building KBCC’s brand system was a seamless process. Focis maintained the optimism and safe-touch tone in brand-positioning to ensure the engagements were cohesive and memorable.

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