Imprint Basketball Camp

Youth Program Gets Alley-oop.

Pastor Trevor Allen has worked with youth in Plant City, Winter Haven, and Lakeland, Florida for the past fifteen years. He is no stranger to hard work and feels his ministry-career has led him to this moment, pastoring a church in Winter Haven (Imprint Ministries), leading “Perfect Effort”, a youth outreach program, and serving as a pastor for youth outreach at Revealing Truth Ministries in Tampa, FL. His footprint in the surrounding communities, colleges, and schools led him to an opportunity where he was approached with his ministry – Imprint, to be the brand identity of a new Basketball camp in Winter Haven, Florida.

The Objective

The mission? It’s simple.  Re-purpose the Imprint Ministries logo and brand identity into this new basketball outreach camp while keeping the integrity of the original brand, yet with a fresh and sport-positioning feel.

The Challenge

There was but one challenge we needed to overcome to have this effort end in success. This was to effectively merge the brand-identity of an existing organization with the complete contrasted look and feel of another.  Religion and Sports. Often these two genres collide, but the idea of making it feel right and look authentic was the immediate challenge.


The Outcome

We stripped all color from the logo/brand and decided it was best to present the brand in black and white only. With the tagline derived from Pastor Trevor’s sentiment – “leaving a mark” in the lives of youth, it was only fitting that we adopted this into the brand moving forward. Leaving a mark captured the essence of a black and white logo and the aesthetics of the brand. Simple, clean, exciting and purposeful, were the tones we wanted to communicate.

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