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Brea's Coffee is a mobile gourmet coffee bar serving various flavored coffee, tea, and hot chocolate products. Brea's Coffee sells individual servings of, Hot/Iced Coffee, Hot/Iced Tea, Hot Chocolate, Mocha's & Espressos, along with Frappe's, Smoothies, and yes, Affogatos at various events. 

The Objective

Brea's Coffee had been servicing the community successfully and gained much-deserved traction and notoriety. As a result, they realized  their business needed an overhaul with a more realized aesthetic to help broaden their footprint and strengthen their brand. I needed to design an identity which encompassed the personality and values Brea's Coffee embodied while also providing them with a lasting and more suitable logo-mark which could be replicated and used across various touch-points.


Prior Brand Identity Lockup

New Brand Identity Lockup

Developing The Strategy

I guided Brea's Coffee through various systematic processes to determine what we needed to communicate and how it should look overall.  We underwent brand discovery and strategy, positioning and attributes - then, topped it off with the new identity design, complete with color schema, multiple logo-marks variations, patterns, icons and assets to ensure a complete brand-experience with their customers and partners in the community. 

Understanding The Market

Brea's Coffee helped me understand their landscape and in the process, we were able to touch on untapped areas of marketing and messaging which would be the soul of their business and which their customers would resonate with. Coffee is simple yet, versatile so, we wanted to develop their brand to reflect the needs and wants of their customers and partners alike. Professional and welcoming, fun and energetic, Brea's Coffee would be refreshing both in personality and its beverages.

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