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is good business + good business gets noticed

transforma+ion process

Strategic Brand Clarity  >  Verbal Brand Clarity  >  Visual Brand Clarity

Using discovery to derive verbal and visual clarity, I guide my clients to swiftly shape a focused story and cohesive brand image to successfully (re)launch. At the end of this process, you'll be equipped with authentic brand positioning, a unique story, and a brand identity system enabling you to connect deeply with your audience, team, and investors alike.

† I also avail my services and consulting to not-for-profit (501c-3) organizations who need just as much 'TLC' with their brand identity and positioning.

"branding is a layer of insurance for your company + you're investing in it as a strategy, so you don't have to compete on price..." - Finien

going through the process of branding, you're gaining a tribe + fitting into their lives; even for generations. 


business + brand

The Business + Brand practice drives business growth by helping clients articulate brand strategy, define audiences and build future-ready brands.


Audience understanding

Business strategy

Brand strategy

Brand architecture

Naming and articulation

Positioning + Messaging


customer + experience

I design experiences that bring your brand story to life and accelerate growth through new products, services, and business models.

Omni-channel Strategy

Concept Design

User Experience + Interface Design

Collateral + Environmental




culture + climate

Collaboration is hard. Gaining alignment is harder. My bootcamps are workshops designed to bring together diverse stakeholders in order to drive breakthrough results that transform both how you work and what you do.

Leadership Coaching

Culture transformation

Mission + Vision Alignment

Visual + Verbal Clarity

Purpose activation

Recruitment Acceleration


"Outstanding Bootcamp!!!!!" 

"Overall, I thought the workshop was wonderful! The class was a huge eye opener for me and how I should be approaching branding. I really liked the breakdown of how to develop a brand identity through SASS and discovering your "Why." 

"Mike provided a comprehensive explanation of what branding is and how an organization develops and curates it.  

"Mike made branding simple to understand and execute."

my project engagement
process document

A step by step process to ensure your success when embarking on a project with Michael K. Bigos.

Graphic design is easy. Branding requires a professional + your brand’s story should not be focused on a product or service - instead on the experience it provides your customer. This simple guide is designed to help ease any anxiety or concern about taking on a project for your business.

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branding bootcamps
+ consulting

The 1-Day Branding Bootcamp™ is full day interactive workshop giving you a deep dive into brand strategy, attributes, messaging, and the art of story-telling, so you can effectively position and grow your business.