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Are You A Conference


My number one objective is to provide value for every person in attendance at your event—give them more than their money’s worth and help you create a memorable and engaging experience.

I like to tailor my talks and workshops to the specific needs of the audience. Think about who they are and what challenges they face. The better you know them, the better we can shape an unforgettable experience together.

Speaking Engagement

01 Requirements

  • Travel (Non-stop, economy+ class flight)

  • Hotel (Non-smoking)

  • Speaking fees (Starting at $500 USD)

02 How I Help

  • I will help promote your event across social channels / platforms

  • I will be available before and during the event for Q&A, interfacing, and press appearances

  • I will provide my own laptop, HDMI connector and remote

Seminars, Events & Workshops

I'll bring the Focis Branding™ Bootcamp to your team and your town, anywhere in the world. Just help me get people there!

01 Requirements

  • Provide a venue

  • Market the event, and be confident that 30 or more people will attend.

  • Projector or very large monitor

  • Speakers or PA system

  • Whiteboard, note pads and pencils or pens

02 How I Help

  • I will create an Eventbrite page

  • I will cover my own travel, hotel and expenses (from ticket sales)

  • Give you three tickets as the event organizer and front row seating

  • I will cover all out-of-pocket expenses


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