Active Harmony

Fresh on the Scene, an inspirational way to approaching health and wellness.

Active Harmony, LLC emerged into the market in late 2019. Founded by health and wellness guru, Sophia Bigos. Active Harmony hit the spotlight of the lives of women of all ages and demographics and while words may inspire, only action creates change. Sophia’s approach to total wellness is dedicated to helping people get unstuck, so they can transform their lives into the version of themselves where they’re “enjoying life, pursuing their passions, and love the skin they’re in.”


Create a compelling conference brand-identity with associated collateral to clearly communicate the ‘feel’ and intent of the annual conference theme.

The Challenge

Fitness is such a saturated industry, full of gimmicks, false promises and complicated spins on rather simple biology and facts. Active Harmony (AH) wanted to ensure when people engaged with the brand, they felt an immediate difference to the ‘woman-centric’ fitness solution. AH needed to communicate the deep desire and tone every woman feels – looking and feeling whole; complete; accomplished.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo & Typeface

  • Promotional Copywriting

  • Digital and Social Media Assets

  • Strategic Corporate Communications

  • Product brochures

  • Marketing Collateral & Promotional Items

  • Commercial Website

Understanding The Market

To understand the needs of their customers, discovery and strategic planning won the day. Focis used the deep-well of knowledge of Active Harmony’s founder – Sophia Bigos, to understand both the message and the tone/delivery she needed to have with her audience and tribe. It would be direct, yet encouraging; simple yet motivating. Her clientele needed to have confidence in her ability to help them and engage with the brand in a way which would foster trust, empathy, and expertise.

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