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My Brand-Transformation Process

Strategic Brand Clarity > Verbal Brand Clarity > Visual Brand Clarity

My proven method is applicable to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups, and thriving businesses who are seeking to create a new brand identity or transforming their current. Using discovery to derive verbal and visual clarity, I guide my clients to swiftly shape a focused story and cohesive brand image to successfully (re)launch. At the end of this process, you'll be equipped with authentic brand positioning, a unique story, and a brand identity system enabling you to connect deeply with your audience, team, and investors alike.

I also avail my services and consulting to not-for-profit (501c-3) organizations who need just as much 'TLC' with their brand identity and positioning.


[ Amateurs have a goal. Professionals have a process. ]

I guide professionals to achieve verbal and visual clarity, authentic identities, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands.

Working with me;
How It Works:

1 - Initial Contact

A simple phone call is typically all that is needed to both understand your goals and determine if we are a good fit. We'll talk about your business, your audience, budget and related aspects which will give both of us the "warm and fuzzies."

2 - Proposal & Agreement

A 'match made in heaven'! I'll provide you a detailed proposal, terms and service agreement, collect a deposit and guide you through the simple on-boarding process to ensure our success.

3 - Engagement

First we diagnose, then we prescribe. I'll guide you/your team through discovery, strategy, and curation to fully understand what needs to be communicated to your audience before we can design what your identity will look like and how these experiences will be marketed.

4 - Delivery

The finish line is here. I'll provide all of your relative assets to you, ready for implementation and immediate use. Your brand identity, collateral and/or digital creative assets will be both formatted and provided to you both via zip file(s) and digitally.

Visual & Verbal Clarity

The art of branding is 20% creativity and 80% journey-to-clarity. I have a streamlined process for achieving both when looking to ensure your brand will thrive. By examining the behaviors, motivations, and frustrations of a target market, I identify unfulfilled needs and turn them into competitive advantages.

  • Brand Positioning & Attributes

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Creative brand alignment

  • One Liner - Marketing Speak

Brand Identity Systems

I build brands that inspire. Branding is about expressing a company’s personality and values, building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers and nurtures lasting relationships.

  • Brand identity design

  • Key visual touch points

  • Verbal toolbox

  • Sharable brand sheet to ensure a singular visual and verbal brand-language across your team .

Digital Design Solutions

Navigating the connected world can be complicated. I help mediate the space between users and the information they need by building intuitive, user-centric experiences that engage, delight, and communicate clearly on all mediums.

  • Digital & Online Creative

  • Print Collateral

  • Promotional

  • Production

  • Environmental

  • Infographic

  • Desktop Publishing & Presentations

Branding Bootcamps
& Consulting

The Focis Branding Bootcamp™ is full day interactive workshop giving you a deep dive into brand strategy, visual and verbal clarity, and the art of story-telling, so you can effectively position yourself in the marketplace, and grow your business.

"Michael is a consummate professional. He has a very high degree of consideration for vendors not found in most Clients. Mike's mix of strong strategic and creative instincts together with his decisive, responsive and easy easy-to-work manner make him an excellent collaborator."

Brand Building Expert | One Source

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