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SEP 17, 2022
9AM - 4PM
5201 N. Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603 Map it

The one-day branding bootcamp designed to provide the clarity, resources and actionable steps you need to successfully position and brand your business.

Branding Bootcamp Itinerary 2022

Saturday, September 17, 2022
9:00am - 4:00pm

One Day Branding Bootcamp Intensive
(Interactive Workshop)

8:00 am- Check-in

9:00 am - Morning Workshop Sessions

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Afternoon Workshop Sessions

4:00 pm - Conclusion / Q&A

Saturday, September 17, 2022
Fireside Chat
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Fireside Chat (VIP) Q&A, Networking

6:00 pm - Fireside Chat + Q&A

7:30 pm - Networking Social

8:00 pm - Conclusion


Branding is one of the most important assets you can have and helps to show potential customers you’re an established and trustworthy business. But, this isn’t always easy to achieve and spending money to advertise your business without establishing a clear brand promise first, won't go far.

Most startups lack the necessary resources to brand their business from the ground up, and with brand strategy costing upwards of $10-30k, businesses often forego this stage in efforts to launch. This is extremely risky!

Because of this, Michael K. Bigos is
hosting a Branding Bootcamp Intensive where he guides you through the important phases of brand discovery, strategy, positioning and attributes associated with your business. This workshop is designed to help you focus your business's offer and attain the verbal clarity to successfully position your business in the marketplace with confidence and surety.

ONLY $100USD $300.00
Limited to this event ONLY

Getting Access Is Simple!

Reserve your seat in the Branding Bootcamp Intensive

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Cultivate your positioning and clarify your message

Immerse yourself in the workshop, and position your business for success.

Never waste another dollar on ineffective marketing

Confidence produces assurance to be profitable, saving time and money.

Before you waste another dollar on a website or social media ads, you need to ensure your business's brand has the foundation to sustain the growth you anticipate.

Have any of these scenarios left you feeling frustrated?

  • You don’t have a proven plan for your brand’s position

  • Explaining what you offer isn’t simple or clear

  • Your marketing feels like a giant money pit

  • You’re not confident that your marketing approach will work

  • You’ve got great ideas, but don’t know if they will be profitable

  • You’re ready to launch a business but have NO idea where to start

  • You’ve got the passion and drive to make things happen, but feel stuck

  • You’ve spent endless time seeking answers only to feel confused and overwhelmed

If so, sounds like you need Brand Clarity

After you complete this branding bootcamp intensive, you’ll be able to position and grow your business.

ONLY $100
Limited to this event ONLY

Bootcamp Attendees were asked…
How Was Your Experience?
This Is What They Said:


I truly enjoyed the authenticity and thoroughness of the training. This bootcamp allowed me to focus my thoughts on how I can better articulate my needs. Lastly, the nourishment provided throughout the day was excellent!


It was super informative, interactive and engaging!


I’ve always been impressed by the quality of branding and marketing you produced however the workshop gave much insight on why you are successful. The workshop made you really think about all facets of branding beyond surface level.


I liked the fill in the blanks- Pick 10 words, now make it 5, now make it 3, etc- it broke the overwhelming task of determining your brands identity into bite size pieces.


It felt like a one on one session.


Michael was a true professional who amplified each participants contributions.

What's Included?

Branding Bootcamp Workbook

“Brand” has become an almost over-saturated buzzword. But an organization who can clarify and deploy their brand effectively will transform into a powerhouse who is prepared for whatever comes their way…like a pandemic. This custom workbook will help!

Brand-Canvas Roadmap

A visual roadmap to help you articulate your attributes, values, features and benefits. I want to help you extrapolate what's in your head and heart in a clear and cognitive way.

Discover Your Why

Uncover your purpose, cause or belief, and the underlying reason you got into business in the first place. Uncover the driving force which will inspire, align and bring fulfillment to both yourself and those you choose to help grow your business. Your “why” helps to establish the secret sauce your business will use to inspire and connect with your customers.

Define Your Brand Identity & Attributes

Express your business’s personality and values – build a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with your customers and nurtures lasting relationships with discovery exercises and tools to help uncover your brand’s attributes. These key factors are essential to your identity and how we ‘experience’ your brand and it’s touch-points.

Position Your Brand For Success

Make yourself irreplaceable! “Positioning” is how you turn ideas into competitive advantage. This module dives into HOW to communicate your offer and cause customers to both listen, then buy from you, rather than your competitor. Undifferentiated brands compete on price, while differentiated or charismatic brands are the ones which customers feel there is no replacement for – which equals positioning.

Clarify Your Message

In these uncertain times, businesses that have clarified their message and positioned their brands effectively are much more likely to survive. In this module, get your message and branding-approach right. Michael will show you how to communicate and position your business in the marketplace, draw people in when you explain what you do, and eliminate confusion from your messaging so customers listen and buy.

Fireseide Chat: A Deeper Dive

Join Michael for a more in-depth, deep dive into your business needs. Often times, there are niche problems you need to solve or get consulting for. This is the opportunity to ask more questions and get specific answers to your business's needs.

Meet Your Guide

Michael K. Bigos @michaelkbigosjr
Brand Identity Specialist & Designer

I believe there are no unicorns and no mystical powers when it comes to design. When creating the right product, brand identity, or user experience, it’s clarity and authenticity that fosters trust and assurance with clients and the organization. This assurance helps bridge the gaps between businesses and their customers. A creative formula, trusted strategy, and designing with the business and end-user in mind is where the real ‘magic’ happens.

Michael K. Bigos is a Brand Identity Specialist, Digital Designer and Consultant with over 20 years experience, located in the greater Tampa, Bay Area. Driven by his love for the ‘little guys”, Michael uses design-thinking to solve business-problems and provides start ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses with a proven method to successful position their business with clarity and focus. Michael's experience has afforded him the opportunities to provide creative solutions for commercial brands such as Walmart, Samsung, Hoover, and Nature's Harvest. Since becoming a designer in 1999, Michael has also helped various small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups both locally and around the world.


Grateful to have helped these audiences…

Bonus Materials Included

Insights and Attributes of Successful Brands

We'll remove the veil of branding and marketing, simplifying the approach and narrative as well as explore key attributes of successful brands.

5 Design Elements You Need for success

Use these five elements in all designs and be assured your message is clear and actionable for your customers.

What You Need To Know:
Working with Creative Services

Nuggets to navigating the landscape when working with creatives, agencies and firms for your business - the Do's & Don'ts.

Get Clear. Get Noticed. Grow Your Business.

I’ll see you inside!