frequently asked questions

What's your process for branding?

My proven process for a brand identity project is my secret sauce to deliver a brand identity system you will adore. It involves getting deep with the discovery stage, drafting one high-quality design concept, and checking each other to stay goal-oriented throughout all of the stages. The process is as follows:

How long does the process take?

Branding as you can imagine, is not like knocking out a flyer design or a brochure. However, I am confident in saying - your brand identity engagement can range from ~1-3 months depending on our 'pace' of interfacing. The more often you/your team can interface with me in the early stages of the process, the sooner we may be able to deliver your creative assets etc.

How does payment work?

Retainer packages are due 100% upfront before the commencement of any work. For brand packages, 50% of the quote is due upfront to reserve your service. When the project is complete or in incremental deliverables, the remaining 50% is due to deliver the design assets. Payment can be made via secure credit card or ACH. No checks payments are accepted unless directly stated in our contract.

Do you handle printing too?

I do not handle printing unless specifically requested by you.  As an experienced design professional, I am well-adept in the print industry and handling complicated print orders. In which case, I will provide a separate bill that must be paid in full upfront to handle your print order. My preferred print vendors are Overnightprints.com, NextDayDisplay.com, and locally - TampaPrinter.com

When can you start my project?

Start dates vary depending on my current workload, so it can range from tomorrow to a few weeks from now. Therefore, I highly encourage you to get in contact with me today so we can properly arrange a start and end date that will work for you. If your deadline is possible for me, I will propose a project timeline during your booking to make certain we will meet your end date.

Do you do small projects?

Certainly!  I highly encourage my clients to sign up for a design retainer to save money, time, and ensure a smooth process for continuous design support. Moreover, design retainers will guarantee my time for your convenience. For more complex projects, I offer flat-fee proposals upon request.

What file types do you provide?

I can provide the following file types: PDF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, EPS, TIFF, GIF, Doc, Ppt, Key, Psd, Indd, Ai. Any special files can be requested as well.

During our project, how do we communicate?

I offer complimentary 30-minute phone or video consultations during our projects. As an organizational neat freak, I prefer to keep as much of our conversations in one place for easy referencing in the future. Therefore, I invite my clients to join me on Trello (a free project management system), in which I have a special board just for you and me. I also use conventional SMS, email, and online file-sharing via Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Drive, which you receive access to while onboarding.

What if I'm not satisfied with the work?

This is a rare case. In fact, it's so rare that's it's honestly only happened on three occasions in over 20+ years. The reason for this is that my signature process eliminates the chance for you to be dissatisfied with the work. I have different milestones in which we check we are meeting your ultimate goal and steering the designs in the right direction. However, if there does come a time when you are not satisfied, I am open to discussing how we can resolve this. Both termination and refund terms are stated in our contract.

Have more questions?

I am always happy to answer any questions you have. I value transparency, so I will answer your questions as honest as I can. Contact me or schedule a call!