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Michael K. Bigos is a brand identity specialist and designer with more than 20 years of experience working with some of the most well known brands in the world as well as numerous startups and entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Focis Branding & Design Solutions, a brand strategy and design consultancy located in Tampa, Florida, who helps businesses position their brand and clarify their message so they can get noticed and grow their business.

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Michael K. Bigos is a Brand Strategy and Design Consultant located in Tampa, Florida, who helps businesses position their brand and clarify their message so they can get noticed and grow their business.

I might be the specialist you’ve been looking for if…

You’re an entrepreneur launching a new business, and you need branding that’s impressive to investors and irresistible to customers.

Your organization has been successful for some time, and you’ve outgrown your existing corporate identity. It isn’t a good fit anymore.

You’ve tried other graphic designers, but the quality of work or the communication was a struggle. You feel it wasn’t a good return for your money.

You’re a business looking for 'fresh' design solution to set your products apart.

Start your project or Schedule a 15 minute discovery call and let’s get to work.

Working with me;
How it works:

1 - Initial Contact

A simple phone call is typically all that is needed to both understand your goals and determine if we are a good fit. We'll talk about your business, your audience, budget and related aspects which will give both of us the "warm and fuzzies."

2 - Proposal & Agreement

A 'match made in heaven'! I'll provide you a detailed proposal, terms and service agreement, collect a deposit and guide you through the simple on-boarding process to ensure our success.

3 - Engagement

First we diagnose, then we prescribe. I'll guide you/your team through discovery, strategy, and curation to fully understand what needs to be communicated to your audience before we can design what your identity will look like and how these experiences will be marketed.

4 - Delivery

The finish line is here. I'll provide all of your relative assets to you, ready for implementation and immediate use. Your brand identity, collateral and/or digital creative assets will be both formatted and provided to you both via zip file(s) and digitally.

More About Michael...

In addition to his primary functions, Michael has been instrumental in helping international brands, companies, local businesses, and start-ups amplify their voice, clarify their messaging and position their brands for growth and scalability. Michael hosts a weekly podcast called, “Branding Made Simple”, available on Google, Apple, Spotify and Anchor, and has been featured on varied webinars and talks since launching Focis Branding™.

Michael Bigos is also a sought after speaker, who enjoys holding keynotes and group workshops where he shares both design and brand-thinking philosophies, relevant and actionable branding insights, and formulated business solutions. Michael is an U.S. Army Veteran, comes from a proud military family of a combined 66 years dedicated service, and is a husband of 21 years and father of two children with his wife Sophia.

In the Community

As a citizen, I firmly believe in giving back and offering my time, gifts and talents to my community. I have had the pleasure of serving students in K-12 schools during the Great American Teach In, serving as the Director of Marketing for Mentoring with Purpose Charity, coaching youth sports and volunteering with Revealing Truth Ministries Christian Center in various community outreach and mission efforts.


Would you like Michael to lead a workshop or speak at your next event?

I travel , giving talks, and conduct interactive workshops covering all types of design and branding topics. If you can organize it, I will be there.

"For more than 10+ years, Michael has put in maximal effort to make sure my brand is appealing, meaningful and effective. We've collaborated on endless projects including my websites, media kits, business cards, social media banners and photography. Not only does he come to the table with strategies and ideas, but he also is a good listener and collaborator. He works quickly and is extremely versatile. I recommend his services if you're looking for someone to come alongside you to bring your brand to the next level."

Anchor | CBS Chicago

"Mike is a Pegasus! Let me explain, you have mules, horses and unicorns each builds to something better in capabilities. He is a Pegasus in the art and design field. Unmatched by any other and solely unique. I have been in multi-media and communications for 25 years and he is one of the single most talented people I have ever been associated with professionally. His talent is infinite and his personality is infectious...You can hire a mule, you can hire a unicorn, but nothing matches what a pegasus can do; and who would not want a Pegasus on their team?"

Information Planner | USSOCOM

Branding Made Simple Podcast

Branding has become a pretty hot topic these days. But with so much recognition for its importance, its definition has gotten a little blurred. So, I’m taking the ‘guess-work’ out of branding and helping you get clear, focused and onto getting noticed in the marketplace and growing your business. I’ll be giving you practical insights to implement into your business and apply to your brand.



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Download my FREE Brand Positioning and Attributes Workbook.

I've found in over 20 years of creative services, business owners are great at what they do. However, not always good at communicating what they do. This positioning workbook will help you narrow your focus and communicate your offer in a simple and precise way - so your customers don't waste 'brain calories', and buy from you rather than your competitors.