a creative + strategic transformation partner for entrepreneurs and small businesses

I help small businesses achieve brand-clarity so they can get noticed in the marketplace + grow their business.

S T A R T   A   B R A N D I N G   P R O J E C T  ➔ 


the work:

I work with leaders and teams to align behind a core story and build it into products, services, experiences +  communications.

Customer and employee expectations have never been higher + businesses are defined by the value they create + demonstrate; a new approach is required to create, transform, and sustain business. 

I call this F.O.C.I.S. (fōkəs)


"Great communication and open dialogue!  Great to work with."

Founder, Imprint - Perfect Effort



brand identity systems

Brand identity is expressed and communicated through the visual elements of your brand, like your logo design, color palette, fonts, and icons, as well as your messaging and brand voice. 


messaging + marketing copy

Brand messaging is how your brand speaks. It's streamlined communication about your business, informed by strategy to convey your unique value proposition (your brand promise) to your target audience. 


position + culture

What you say and how you say it is one way to express your brand identity. Tone of voice guidelines will help your team understand what your brand sounds like, it's positioning and attributes.


branding (workshops) bootcamp

Starting a business can be hard. Collaboration can be even harder without brand clarity and alignment. The one-day branding bootcamp is designed to provide the clarity, resources and actionable steps you need to successfully position and brand your business before spending a lot of money on risky marketing that doesn't work.


graphic design is easy.
branding requires a professional.

your brand’s story should not be focused on a product or service - instead on the experience it provides your customer.

clear + simple = memorable

you’re in good hands.


years experience

There’s no replacement for experience and experience is what you can trust. I understand the value of time and I apply this benefit to each client I work with.


clients served

Since 1999, clients on multiple continents have benefited from good design and strategic solutions. Understanding my clients and how to help them is not foreign to me.



From finance to construction, fashion to government services, I have been afforded the opportunity to provide solutions in various industries, all over the world.

see examples of how i’ve helped clients


My clients are small to mid-sized businesses who want to begin or update their brand’s identity and positioning. Additionally, I work with larger organizations starting a new division or launching a new product or initiative. 


Behance.net Portfolio of various design works

Achieving Verbal + Visual Clarity through discovery and strategy, resulting in the Formulating of Creative and Insightful Solutions.


Every moment spent with Michael forced another level of clarity and surety to my vision. It was a pleasure and overall joy to work with Michael. When you can walk away believing you got more for your money, I call that success.  

Owner - Gammunition, Arms Training & Safety

brand clarity for startups of any size and age

I have helped various startups and entrepreneurs successfully launch their business while consulting others in both the customer experience and branding spaces.

"Michael is a consummate professional when it comes to design. Michael was very instrumental in helping us build the foundation to our brand. His thorough legwork to get us to identify and understand our “why” allowed our team to develop a branding system that everyone within our company can be proud to display. We highly recommend Michael."

CEO - NTS Event Management